4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Boomers and Beyond

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Pumpkin spiced everything is in the air and thoughts are turning to holiday plans. More than likely, your holiday plans include buying a gift for a baby boomer or senior you love. Do you struggle to find something for them each gift-giving occasion? Fear not! We used some of our time at the 55+ Expo to help you. We asked many attendees what they would like for the holidays this year. What we heard pretty clearly is that the last thing they wanted was, well, a thing.

The number one response?  Good health. Since that isn’t a thing you can pick up the mall, perhaps something that makes healthy living easier would be well received by your favorite health nut. Research shows that one of the absolute best things anyone can do for their health is move more. Even as little as 150 minutes a week of exercise can have big healthy benefits.  

A gym membership at a location that is comfortable and welcoming to seniors would be a great start. Sharon Padbury, owner of Anytime Fitness in Lewes (302-212-6151), says they offer “a 3-month membership option that is a great choice for winter workouts as well as our seasonal visitors.” If you need something lighter on the wallet, perhaps a new pair of sneakers, a pedometer that can track daily steps, or a fancier fitness tracker such as a Fitbit would serve up some motivation on those cold winter days.

The next most popular holiday wish on our informal survey was a gift card. Gift cards to restaurants beat out those to shops.  We are so lucky here in Sussex County to be surrounded by amazing chefs and high-quality restaurants. There is sure to be a place your family member or friend would enjoy. If you need ideas, check out the Rehoboth Foodie’s website (https://rehobothfoodie.com) for reviews and information on winter deals and specials. The shops that folks mentioned specifically were places like Michaels, Home Depot and Tanger Outlets, where a person could shop for a hobby, or for an item they need. They would really prefer to select something themselves—you aren’t being a lazy gift-giver if you go this route.

Almost no one asked for a specific item. Except for a trip to Tahiti and if she gets it, she promised to take me with her! Fingers crossed. If you prefer giving a gift wrapped in a bow, consider a NixPlay frame(https://www.nixplay.com). These wifi enabled frames allow anyone who is linked to the account to send pictures directly from their device to the frame. We gave one to my parents-in-law last year and they have enjoyed seeing new photos pop up from family living near and far. An internet connection is necessary for the frame to operate and it will need technical set up, so you may need to do that for your loved one if he isn’t technically savvy. 

Finally, there aren’t many who wouldn’t enjoy more time with you. Consider giving them an Activity-A-Monthcoupon book. Everyone is different, so think about what the person would really love and make 12 coupons for a day out, or dinner, or a car ride to see the fall leaves, for example. Need it easier still? Give them a calendar with one date marked each month for you to spend time together. For many seniors, the chance to sit together and share a meal and a conversation would be the best gift of all.  Heck, even I’d like that from my family and friends!

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