Time to Sort Photographs!

One box of photos at a time!

The Great Pause, as I’ve recently read the COVID-19 shutdown called, has given us all a major downsize in lifestyle. No more group lunches, no more family holiday gatherings. It’s given us time to assess what is truly important and to reflect with gratitude on things we may have taken for granted previously. And it’s give us time. So much time. Time to clean out the closet, dust the top shelves, scrub out the dark corners of bathroom floors, learn how to use FaceTime or Zoom and finally read War and Peace. After 3-4 weeks of staying at home, you may be wondering what else you could possibly do to keep things interesting?

May I suggest you begin downsizing your stuff? Go a little further than cleaning out the junk drawer or rooting through your linen closet. There has never been a better time to take on one of the bigger projects in most households: photographs.

Pack Rat, Collector or Hoarder?

It’s National Pack Rat Day! Yes! That is a thing!

Do you know the difference between a Pack Rat, Collector and Hoarder?  

Pack Rats don’t usually keep everything. They are drawn to types of things. Some keep spare parts, scraps of wood, bits of fabric, broken china, plastic containers and stuff other people throw out. They are artistic, do-it-yourself type people who have the creativity and skill to use these things to make something new.  If push came to shove and they had to move or downsize, these people could recycle, toss or give away their supply stores though they might mourn the unrealized projects they see in each item.

Shambles to Ship-Shape in Six Weeks

Clutter Clusters. Those places in your home where stuff gets stashed—counter tops, drawers, shelves, closets and corners. Whether things were put their “temporarily” or purposefully, the space is in shambles. You may have trouble finding items in this messy space or feel a bit defeated when you look at it.

If you are ready to conquer these Clutter Clusters, join Smooth Transitions Delaware’s closed Facebook Group, Shambles to Ship Shape in Six weeks. Beginning Monday, February 4th, we’ll use the next six, cold weeks to clean out common Clutter Clusters together. Week-by-week, our spaces will go from Shambles to Ship-Shape!

How it works:

Resolution 2019: Get Organized!

Just some of the dozens of bins that were emptied during a 2-room decluttering project.

The average American household is said to contain over 300,000 items. Having worked to clean out a few of those houses, I’d say that number is a conservative guess. Many household items are always where you expect to find them, but some go missing in the chaos of our busy lives. In a study of 3,000 adults, esure, a British home insurance company, found that people spend an average of 10 minutes a day looking for lost items. That adds up to about 3,680 hours—a staggering 153 days—over a lifetime!

No wonder people feel like they need to get organized. A weekend spent cleaning up the recent mail, newspapers and partially emptied shopping bags only takes a day to undo as new mail, newspapers and shopping come through the door. Add to that, the bargains that were purchased in bulk and now need to be stored before using. Add to that, the new things you bought because you were out of the old ones, only to find a stash of the very same things tucked away. It all adds up to overflowing shelves, closets, drawers and countertops.

A popular solution to this problem is the plastic storage bin.