Time to Sort Photographs!

One box of photos at a time!

The Great Pause, as I’ve recently read the COVID-19 shutdown called, has given us all a major downsize in lifestyle. No more group lunches, no more family holiday gatherings. It’s given us time to assess what is truly important and to reflect with gratitude on things we may have taken for granted previously. And it’s give us time. So much time. Time to clean out the closet, dust the top shelves, scrub out the dark corners of bathroom floors, learn how to use FaceTime or Zoom and finally read War and Peace. After 3-4 weeks of staying at home, you may be wondering what else you could possibly do to keep things interesting?

May I suggest you begin downsizing your stuff? Go a little further than cleaning out the junk drawer or rooting through your linen closet. There has never been a better time to take on one of the bigger projects in most households: photographs.

Connecting from Afar

Me and my Mom

In this time of staying home to stay safe, you need to get creative to stay in touch. Families everywhere are cut off from older relatives to keeping them safe from Covid-19 exposure. We rounded up some of the creative ideas we found among friends, social media and news reports to give you some options. We’d love to hear your ideas too! Email us at Janet@YourMoveManaged.com.


Virtual Hide and Seek

Using FaceTime or another video call service, you can have one person hide while the other lets the child(ren) direct them through the house to find the hidden person. If it’s just one person at home, hide a stuffed animal or another object and you can still play together.

Math: 1st Step in Downsizing

Downsizing math! At least 40% of your stuff needs someone else to love it.

One of the biggest barriers to making a downsizing move is math. Some numbers come in the form of finances, independent living communities are not inexpensive, but if those calculations work for you, then your biggest math problem will come in the form of square footage. The largest floor plans tend to be cottages, topping out at around 1,600 square feet. Apartments can be far smaller, starting at a cozy 500 square feet. According to the National Builders Association, the average US home is some 2,700 square feet.  

Using that 2,700 square foot average home for our example, someone downsizing would have between 1,100 and 2,200 square feet of things that won’t fit.  That is a lot of stuff. No wonder the decision to downsize gets put off! But fear not.

Some of those decisions will be easy. If you are considering a 2 bedroom floor plan, you may already know that at least 1 bedroom of your current 3 bedroom house won’t be making the move. Separate dining and formal living rooms are not typically found in independent living spaces, so all that furniture will likely need a new home too. 

4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Boomers and Beyond

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Pumpkin spiced everything is in the air and thoughts are turning to holiday plans. More than likely, your holiday plans include buying a gift for a baby boomer or senior you love. Do you struggle to find something for them each gift-giving occasion? Fear not! We used some of our time at the 55+ Expo to help you. We asked many attendees what they would like for the holidays this year. What we heard pretty clearly is that the last thing they wanted was, well, a thing.

The number one response?  Good health. Since that isn’t a thing you can pick up the mall, perhaps something that makes healthy living easier would be well received by your favorite health nut. Research shows that one of the absolute best things anyone can do for their health is move more. Even as little as 150 minutes a week of exercise can have big healthy benefits.