Connecting from Afar

Me and my Mom

In this time of staying home to stay safe, you need to get creative to stay in touch. Families everywhere are cut off from older relatives to keeping them safe from Covid-19 exposure. We rounded up some of the creative ideas we found among friends, social media and news reports to give you some options. We’d love to hear your ideas too! Email us at


Virtual Hide and Seek

Using FaceTime or another video call service, you can have one person hide while the other lets the child(ren) direct them through the house to find the hidden person. If it’s just one person at home, hide a stuffed animal or another object and you can still play together.


Parents give your older kids a list of questions to do an interview with an older relative (or anyone!).  Here’s a link to a great list of questions from Love to Know;


Story Time

Pick a favorite children’s book and read it to the kids over video chat.


Virtual Book/Movie Club

Pick a book everyone can read or movie to watch and chat about it afterward. Books can be chapter-by-chapter or at the end depending on the length of the book.


Play 20 Questions

Old school fun, one person thinks of an object and the others get 20, Yes or No, questions to figure out the object’s identity.  I’m thinking of a moose. Examples of yes or no questions could be: Is it alive? Is it a mammal? Is it bigger than a car? Does it have a trunk? Does it have horns? (oooh, that feels like a “maybe” depending on the age of the kids playing). Does it live in Africa? You get the idea.


Virtual Cooking Class

Ask your relative to share a favorite or an old family recipe and make it together.  If it requires a little virtual mentoring to get yours to taste just like the original, all the better.


Have Dinner Together

Plan to eat together from your own kitchen table. Open the laptop, prop up the iPad, or whatever device you are using so that the camera can see you–you might have to squeeze together at one end of the table. (It’s ok if you are in the same house and not in need of isolation from other household members.) Then share dinner like you might normally, talk about the food, the day, the plans for the evening, how virtual school is going, etc.


I have been doing this since January with my husband as he was in another state while our son and I remained home for the school year. It was a great way to feel connected. We are all together now to ride out the pandemic together.  Our best wishes to you to stay safe, sane and healthy and our deepest thanks to those on the front lines of healthcare and keeping the food and necessities supply chains running for all.