How Does a Senior Move Manager’s Mom Declutter?

AmVets’ Kareem picks up Mom’s big Christmas Tree, she prefers a tabletop one now.

My parent’s home hasn’t changed much in the thirty years since I last lived there. Couches have been replaced, the kitchen was updated. But still scattered throughout are knick-knacks lining the tops of furniture, clippings of newspaper articles being saved for “later” in piles here and there, paperwork saved for decades filling file cabinets and dresser drawers, and closets filled with enough extra towels to start a car washing business. I know that their house is not unusual, what is unusual is that at 82 years old, my mother is actually doing something about it.

She’s slowly curating the piles. She’s emptying one drawer or one shelf at a time.  There doesn’t seem to be a real method to her system, she just goes with whatever area catches her eye that morning, begins sifting, sorting and, thankfully, eliminating items from the house. Some are destined to the AmVets or Cancer Society who call every few weeks with a truck coming to her area for donations. She’s determined to give them a box or a bag full of usable items every time they call.

I couldn’t be more proud of her progress over the past year and a half. Closets are lighter, file drawers are empty, the basement is far less cluttered and the things she uses regularly are easier to find. As a senior move manager, I know how much future work she is saving for me and my siblings. She has accepted that much of her household goods won’t be needed or wanted by us. She’s letting them go herself, in her own way, at her own pace. I also know that many families do not, or will not have this experience.

Our happiest clients are the ones that call us in early. They know they want to move out of the big house and into something more manageable. They want to make the choices about what to take and what to leave behind. They appreciate the structure we provide and the expertise we have in moving items on to other family members, charities, auction or disposal.

Our most grateful clients are the ones that call us in at the eleventh hour. Something has happened that has made moving urgent and the family is in a panic. They appreciate that our team come with solutions to get the job done quickly. Our work allows the family to focus on their loved one in crisis rather than trying to sort, coordinate details, meet vendors and pack.

My mom is planning to stay in her home forever. Her health and stamina are making this possible now and I sure hope it stays that way. If something changes, we may have to make another decision, but either way, her daily efforts to declutter will make it easier for me and my siblings in the future. Thanks mom!