Shambles to Ship-Shape in Six Weeks

Clutter Clusters. Those places in your home where stuff gets stashed—counter tops, drawers, shelves, closets and corners. Whether things were put their “temporarily” or purposefully, the space is in shambles. You may have trouble finding items in this messy space or feel a bit defeated when you look at it.

If you are ready to conquer these Clutter Clusters, join Smooth Transitions Delaware’s closed Facebook Group, Shambles to Ship Shape in Six weeks. Beginning Monday, February 4th, we’ll use the next six, cold weeks to clean out common Clutter Clusters together. Week-by-week, our spaces will go from Shambles to Ship-Shape!

How it works:

The Shambles to Ship-Shape program will focus on one area each week. I will post the target Clutter Cluster on Monday and our goal will be to have conquered it by Sunday. You will be asked to take a photo of your “before,” and post it to the closed group. I will give you tips, encouragement and resources along the way. Our group will support each other with kindness, shared experiences and empathy. On Sunday we celebrate our success with fabulous “after” photos!

Shambles to Ship Shape in Six Weeks Rules:

  1. First and foremost, this is a Closed Facebook Group. That means it can be found on Facebook and the public can see who is a member, but non-members cannot see posts or comments.
  2. New members will be allowed to join through Week 2, after which the group will close.
  3. No judging anyone else’s Clutter Cluster. BE KIND.
  4. Members are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts. Support and accountability from each other will help us reach our goals! Negative, shaming, rude or hateful comments will be deleted and may lead to being removed from the group by the administrator, Smooth Transitions Delaware.
  5. Joining the group means you agree to do your best to meet the goal each week. Life happens, if you can’t participate directly for some time, it is ok to just observe. If a particular goal takes you two weeks, or six, that is ok too. Your Clutter Cluster may be bigger than someone else’s, or you may have more difficulty making decisions.
  6. If you have a large Clutter Cluster (a room? Couple of rooms? More?) use this group as a start. Be kind to yourself, Room-sized Clutter Cluster Mountains aren’t built in a week and they aren’t going to come down in one either. Just start. Pick the smallest pile that is in your path and begin.
  7. Smooth Transitions Delaware cannot provide individual feedback beyond the group. If you need one-on-one assistance to declutter, we would be delighted to schedule a consultation for those in our service area, or point you to a qualified resource where ever you live.

How to Join

Click this Facebook link:

Answer two simple questions about your participation and you will be added to the group.

Can’t wait to take our spaces from Shambles to Ship-Shape!